The Japan Travel Bureau Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is the development of tourism culture through both academic and practical research related to travel and tourism.

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About Us

The Japan Travel Bureau Foundation was founded in 1912 as the Japan Tourist Bureau. Since reorganization in November, 1963, when the travel agency business split off as a separate company, the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation has focused on tourism-related research, including studies of tourism, tourism-related publishing, and maintaining a library of tourism-related publications.
Name Japan Travel Bureau Foundation
Established 1912 (reorganized in 1963)
Representative Yasuo Suenaga, President

Research Activities

One of Japan's few academic institutions engaged in practical tourism-related publishing and research, the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation conducts market analysis and field surveys in pursuit of the scientific and theoretical study of tourism. Through cooperative research and collaboration with local tourism stakeholders, it builds partnerships for the development of tourism strategies and management of tourist destinations.

Based on the results of its research, the Foundation supports the Japan Tourism Agency and regional bodies in development of tourism policies and resolution of practical challenges facing regions undertaking tourism development.

Major research themes

Market analysis related to travel and tourism
- Market trends in domestic and international tourism
- Market forecasts for domestic and international tourism
- Tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty

Tourism policy of the national government and regional tourism destinations
- Destination planning and management
- Enhancing the economic effect of tourism
- Types of funds contributing to local tourism development
- Resident attitudes toward tourism
- Community-based management of Onsen (hot springs) destinations

Inbound tourism policy
- Trend of visitors to Japan
- Strategic inbound promotion for regional tourism destinations
- Inbound tourism policies of Asian countries

Conservation and utilization of natural and cultural resources
- Evaluation of Japanese tourism resources
- Role of tourism in Satoyama (rural natural areas)
- Nature park management from the perspective of visitors
- Issues and potential of cultural tourism
- Sustainable tourism indicators

Development for the tourism industry
- Distribution channels for destination marketing
- Role of the tourism industry in destination management

Tourism development in the Tohoku region
- Condition of tourism resources following the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
- Tourism reconstruction status in the Tohoku area
- Effect of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on tourism
- Recommendations for restoration of tourism

Selected research projects sponsored by the national and local governments

(Japan Tourism Agency)
・ Consumption trend survey for foreigners visiting Japan
・ Examination of the framework for assessing regional tourism destinations
(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
・ Surveys in support of value generation in peninsular regions
・ Formulation of a framework for minimizing the environmental impact of tourism
(Ministry of the Environment)
・ Promotion of model projects for the development of reconstruction-related eco-tourism
・ Collaborative management of the Kamikochi Area in the Chubu Sangaku National Park
(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
・ Development of human resources to promote the international exhibition industry
・ Research in support of projects for increasing the tourist appeal of the Akan area
・ Promotional support for eco-tourism in the Shirakami area
・ Formulation of the HOT21 tourism management plan for hot springs in Hakone
・ Research in support of a tourism development plan for the village of Shirakawa
・ Formulation of a tourism development plan for Kyoto City
・ Development of a new strategy for promoting tourism and attracting visitors to Fukuoka City
・ Tourism development plan for the city of Yufu (the Yufuin-Onsen hot springs)
・ Survey of expenditures by visitors to Okinawa
・ Implementation of a tourism indicators system for sustainable management in Okinawa

Publications and Symposiums

The Foundation makes the results of its studies and research available through symposiums and seminars as well as through journals, including "Kanko Bunka" (Tourism Culture) and "Ryoko Nenpo" (Annual Report on the Tourism Trends Survey).


Official bulletin, "Kanko Bunka" (Tourism Culture) - Published quarterly

This journal covers research themes undertaken by the Foundation in cooperation with outside researchers/professionals and presents the Foundation's deliberations and recommendations.
"Ryoko Nenpo" (Annual Report on the Tourism Trends Survey) - Published annually

This annual report provides copious data and documentation on trends in areas such as the attitudes of Japanese about travel, inbound travel to Japan, visitors to Japan, the tourism industry, and tourism policies.

Seminars and Symposiums

Tourism Destination Management Seminar

The Foundation conducts seminars for local governments and tourism businesses on the proactive application of processes created through collaborative programs that it conducts in various regions.

Symposium on the Tourism Trends

This symposium investigates examples of innovation related to travel, tourism, and tourism trends for travel industry professionals and government officials involved in tourism.

Library of Tourism Culture

The Library of Tourism Culture opened in 1978 and used to provide a variety of sources for visitors preparing for their travels.In 2016, we had our grand opening setting up a new concept- Library for Tourism Research and Practices.
In recent years, our main focus is on collecting specialized books and academic journals for tourism research.
Furthermore, we have been working on making valuable materials, rare books and academic journals accessible to our visitors.
Our library is open to anyone, including researchers, practitioners and students.

Opening Hours

10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Closed Days

Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, Every fourth Wednesday of the month, New Year holidays

Please note: The library may be closed occasionally due to symposiums and other events. For the latest updates on our business days, please refer to our website.


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