Market Insight 2010(English) - Trends of the Japanese Overseas Travel Market


Market Insight 2009 - Trends of the Japanese Overseas Travel Market

"Market Insight 2010 - Trends of the Japanese Overseas Travel Market" will provide you with the outcome of in-depth research on the Japanese outbound market today. The Market Insight 2010 gives you not only the market profile but also dynamics which makes changes to the market structure. It will show you what happened to the market in the last decade as well as major findings from the latest survey. Through the understanding of those market changes, you will get an overview of the Japanese future market to your destinations.
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  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Chap. 1 The Japanese Outbound Market and Trends in 2008
  • Chap. 2 Regional Market Trends
  • Chap. 3 Forecast of Future Market
  • Chap. 4 Market Trend Index
  • Appendix
  • ・Number of Japanese travelers per destination
  • ・Overseas tourist statistics per gender & generation, year-on-year, contribution level, and departure rate
  • ・Date per region
  • ・Sample composition

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