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  • 日本交通公社ビル正面

    This Foundation initially began in 1912 as the Japan Tourist Bureau tasked with attracting foreign visitors to Japan, and became focused on research and surveys in 1963 with the separation of the sales division (the current JTB Corp). The organization was subsequently restructured as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation in 2012, and received designation as an academic research institution from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2016. As one of the few think tanks and consulting agencies in Japan specializing in tourism, this Foundation accepts commissions for a variety of tasks from the national government, local public organizations, and public institutions to help promote tourism in Japan and at the national and local level. Furthermore, our non-profit projects include the hosting of seminars and symposiums and the publication of books on research results, centering on the promotion of independent research on travel and tourism from a variety of perspectives, as well as the operation of the Library of Tourism Culture, a library on travel and tourism containing over 60,000 volumes.  As a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation tasked with the promotion of tourism culture, we contribute to the realization of an abundant society through tourism by conducting a variety of surveys and research programs.

Organizational Chart


  • The Japan Travel Bureau Foundation was first established in March 1912 as ‘Japan Tourist Bureau’.
    Half a century later in November 1963, we separated from our sales division (now named JTB Corp.), which also operated a travel agency, and embarked on a separate journey as a specialist institute in tourism research in Japan. We began conducting and publishing research, holding symposiums and running a library devoted to tourism that has now been certified as the depository library for the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Another half a century later in 2012, we welcomed the 100th anniversary of our foundation by officially becoming a public-interest foundation as a recognition for our contribution to the community. We have, since then, transformed into a ‘practical academic research institute’, which is not only highly competitive but has also earned the trust of society through innovative tourism study results.
    Japan has now grown into one of the world’s leading countries for tourism. With growth comes strength, with strength comes responsibility. As the number of travellers is expected to exceed 1.8 billion by 2030, the level of anticipation for a role that tourism will play is also on a rise.
    Our foundation shall continue to fulfil our role and responsibility in facilitating the revitalisation of local tourism culture and the promotion of world peace by showing our ability to solve the various issues faced by this country and its rural regions as a truly specialised research institute for tourism in Japan.

         Japan Travel Bureau Foundation President Kiyohide MITSUYAMA


  • Management Philosophy

    We, as a public-interest incorporated foundation responsible for the revitalisation of tourism culture, seek to contribute to the realisation of a prosperous society through tourism.

    Action Guidelines

    1. 1. Fulfilment of Public Service
    2. We strive to become a public-interest organisation that is widely recognised, trusted and truly needed by the society, by actively implementing research projects that are meaningful to the community.

    3. 2. Demonstration of Professionalism
    4. As experts in the field of travel and tourism research, we provide solutions by dealing with each issue in earnest while constantly reminding ourselves of the essence of tourism in the situation in which complexity and diversity of tourism are proceeding.

    5. 3. Exercise Organisational Strength
    6. We strive to build an innovative research institute with specialists who can respond to changes in the social environment in a timely manner while showing respect for each other’s expertise. Our specialists also recognise the diversity of values when expanding the scope of a research topic or research method and recognising diversity when expanding our network.

    Management Plan Challenge 2026

    1. 1. Target vision
    2. To be a leading research organization in Japan’s tourism domain that tackles the diversification and advancement of tourism research flexibly and resolutely.

    3. 2. Basic policy
      1. 1.Secure dominance in the fields of tourism research and policy.
        1. 1-1. Research, surveys, and practical application with an advanced and international outlook.
        2. 1-2. Develop and grow researchers with a wide range of perspectives and experience.
        3. 1-3. Proactively share the achievements of research, surveys, and practice both inside and outside Japan.
        4. 1-4. Strengthen the functionality of our research and data platform compatible with progress in digital technology.
      2. 2.Build diverse organizations and staffing formations.
        1. 2-1. Stable procurement of diverse personnel.
        2. 2-2. Build flexible organizational structure.
    4. 3. Conduct sustainable and stable operations as a public foundation
      1. 3-1. Maintain stable operation of the organization and a stable financial foundation.


  • Our organisation was first established in 1912 (the 45th year of the Meiji era) as the ‘Japan Tourist Bureau’ and was renamed ‘Japan Travel Bureau’ in 1945 (the 20th year of the Showa era). In 1963, our sales division became a separate company called the ‘Japan Travel Bureau Corporation’ (JTB Corp.) while we continued as a research institute.

    The tourism sector also reached a major turning point that same year with the promulgation of the Tourism Basic Law, the removal of restrictions on overseas travel, the launch of Tokaido Shinkansen and the opening of Tokyo Olympic Games. Since then, we have undertaken projects that address the needs of the country, which has seen great changes in the social environment brought on by events such as the popularisation of travel, the oil shock, the resort boom, the burst of a bubble economy, a low birth-rate and ageing society and population decline. Tourism has garnered more attention in recent years as an important pillar of national and regional strategy, and our foundation has stepped up contributions to national and regional development through tourism.

    In 2012 (the 24th year of the Heisei era), we became a public-interest incorporated foundation, and then in 2016 (28th year of Heisei era), we also became an academic research institute designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in compliance with the scientific research fund subsidy regulations.


  • Head Office/Library of Tourism Culture

    2-7-29 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN
    Closest Station: 3-minute walk from Exit 5 of Aoyama-Itchome Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and Toei Oedo Line).


    • ・ For those coming from Aoyama-dori: Go through the Tokyu Land Corporation building and the open space in front of the restaurant NARISAWA. The Japan Travel Bureau Foundation Building should be on your left.
    • ・ For those coming from Gaienhigashi-dori street: Turn west at the corner with the convenience store Poplar, and after reaching the second intersection, continue walking for approximately 10m. The Japan Travel Bureau Foundation Building should be on your left.