Our main focus is on collecting specialized books and academic journals for tourism research.
Furthermore, we have been working on making valuable materials, rare books and academic journals accessible to our visitors.

Rare and old books
There are 2,300 rare items including books about tourism policy, the tourism industry and topography.
There are also old magazines and guidebooks.
Digital academic journals
You can read overseas tourism academic journal on a PC.
 ・Annals of Tourism Research
 ・Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
 ・Tourism Management
 ・Journal of Travel Research

Digital collection
You can read magazine “Tabi”(1924-) and “Tourist”(1913-) published by the Japan Tourist Bureau on a PC.


There are a lot of information about travel in Japan and all over the world.
Display case it introduced the history of Japan Travel Bureau Foundation and our research progress.


There are journals, statistical materials, rare books,guidebooks and other books in addition to tourism research and regional research materials.