Management Philosophy

We, as a public-interest incorporated foundation responsible for the revitalisation of tourism culture, seek to contribute to the realisation of a prosperous society through tourism.

Action Guidelines

  1. Fulfilment of Public Service
    We strive to become a public-interest organisation that is widely recognised, trusted and truly needed by the society, by actively implementing research projects that are meaningful to the community.
  2. Demonstration of Professionalism
    As experts in the field of travel and tourism research, we provide solutions by dealing with each issue in earnest while constantly reminding ourselves of the essence of tourism in the situation in which complexity and diversity of tourism are proceeding.
  3. Exercise Organisational Strength
    We strive to build an innovative research institute with specialists who can respond to changes in the social environment in a timely manner while showing respect for each other’s expertise. Our specialists also recognise the diversity of values when expanding the scope of a research topic or research method and recognising diversity when expanding our network.

‘22 Vision’: Our Resolve for ‘Innovative Revolution’

We seek to become a practical academic research institute specialised in travel and tourism which is highly competitive, trusted by the society and can bring resolution to all kinds of challenges faced by the country and regional communities.

Basic Guidelines

  1. Actively contribute to policy recommendations as a research institute representing the tourism sector.
  2. Create real success stories in the promotion of tourism culture and contribute to the revitalisation of regional communities.
  3. Fully realise the effectiveness of the Library of Tourism Culture as a part of this practical academic research institute.
  4. Each staff member must be able to work with others as self-reliant individuals.
  5. Ensure stable operation as a public-interest incorporated foundation.