Research Network

Research network on various research topics are organised, which utilise our network of government officials, university scholars, experts and people working in the tourism industry. Selected topics must facilitate insight into future trends and must seek to apply theory to practice.

Research network

  • 温泉まちづくり研究会
    Onsen Areas Development Research Community
     This community aims to explore the ways to revitalise “Onsen” (Hot splings) areas. Currently, it is operated as a part of an independent study (public service programme) by our foundation (executive office) and membership includes seven hot spring areas (Akanko onsen, Kusatsu onsen, Toba onsen, Arima onsen, Dogo onsen, Yufuin onsen and Kurokawa onsen).
  • 自然公園研究会
    Nature Parks Studies Forum
    This community aims to promote the study and sharing of knowledge in the management and promotion of natural areas such as parks. It is run through cooperation with the National Park Division from the Ministry of the Environment, Natural Parks Foundation and the Japan Committee for the World Commission on Protected Areas.
  • dmfinance-photo-top
    Research community of Destination Finance
    This community aims support local governments by conducting research on destination management, which includes the revitalisation, management and conservation of all destination in our country.

Collaboration with Industry, Academia and the Government

  • 大学との連携
    Collaboration with Universities
    Through collaboration with tourism-related university departments and faculty, we actively communicate all our research results at lectures in order to help nurture future personnel for the travel and tourism industry.
  • KCTI(韓国文化観光研究院)との連携
    Collaboration with Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI)
    Research is conducted in conjunction with the KCTI, with yearly research presentations according to theme as well as exchange of information.
  • アジアの観光研究ネットワーク
    Tourism research from an international perspective
     This programme aims to track the present state and trends in tourism study throughout Asia and to organise joint research and exchanges with universities and tourism-related agencies overseas in order to build a network for the advancement of tourism study in Japan, including the studies conducted by this foundation.
  • 地域との連携
    Community Collaboration
     Through our collaborations with different communities, we assist various initiatives, including the dissemination of information and notifications from the community.