Research Data

Main Independent Studies and Reports

  • JTBF旅行者調査
    Japan Travel Bureau Foundation Tourist Survey
    ‘JTBF Travel Status Survey’ and ‘JTBF Travel Needs Survey’ are conducted yearly to analyse the latest status and travelling needs of Japanese tourists.
  • DBJ・JTBFアジア・欧米豪 訪日外国人旅行者の意向調査
    DBJ/JTBF Survey of Foreign Travellers from Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia Travelling in Japan
    This survey aims to map the changes in travelling preferences among experienced overseas travellers from 12 regions in Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia and to show how their travelling needs differed depending on whether they had visited Japan before.
  • 都道府県及び政令指定都市の観光政策に関するアンケート調査
    Survey on Tourism Policies of Prefectures and Cities Designated by Ordinance
    A survey that analyses the ‘qualitative status’ of tourism policies in prefectures and ordinance-designated cities by studying the role, related measures and actual operation of tourism in each area.
  • self-driving-photo
    Opinion Poll on the Use of Automobiles for Tourism Purposes: Consumer Attitudes and Needs
    This opinion poll aims to examine consumer needs and attitudes towards driving as well as gaining first-hand information on the actual usage of automobiles.
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