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Official Magazine ‘Tourism Culture’

  • Overseas travel, which is recovering in the post-COVID-19 era(No.257)
    published May 2023
  • Considering everything from real estate restoration to creating tourist destinations(No.256)
    published Feb 2023
  • Current Status and Issues during the COVID-19 Pandemic Part4(No.255)
    published Oct 2022
  • Annual Report on the Tourism Trends Survey 2023
    published Oct 2023
  • Annual Report on the Tourism Trends Survey 2022
    published Oct 2022
  • Annual Report on the Tourism Trends Survey 2021
    published Oct 2021

Other Publications

  • Hot Spring Resort Community Development - Onsen Areas Development Research Community General Report for FY2021
    published Mar 2022
  • Perspectives and practices for the management of tourist regions
    published Apr 2019
  • Excellent Japan ―A Scenic Portfolio
    published May 2014


  • Lecture on Tourism Destination Development
    This course teaches the basics of tourism destination development for community revitalization, including theory and practice, market trends, and other important themes.
    Time: 10 times in October to December
  • Symposium on the Tourism Trends
    This symposium will introduce the latest trends in tourism based on the content of the latest issue of the Annual Report on the Tourism Trends Survey and the foundation’s independent survey results, as well as the research results of non-profit research we are involved in.
    Time: Late October each year
  • Tabitosho Cafe
    This is a mini-symposium series that aims to provide opportunities for exchange between people and information and between people and people related to tourism. Guest speakers participate to share about timely topics and their actions in the workplace.
    Time: About 4 times a year


  • ギャラリー
    This gallery exhibits the latest research results, tourism related books recommended by the Library of Tourism Culture, and classic works based on different themes.