Research Field

  • 観光統計

    Tourism Statistics and Tourism Market Trends

    This includes research that aims to map the trends in the travelling and tourism market which is the basis for tourism policies by incorporating various data and first-hand information.

  • 観光経済

    Economic ripple effect of Tourism

    This covers research that aims to heighten the overall economic effect of tourism by assessing factors such as the ripple effect.

  • 観光政策

    Tourism policy/Destination Management

    This involves research that aims to provide guidelines for tourism policy and destination management while constantly monitoring market changes to fuel the sustainable development of destination.

  • 観光資源の保全と活用

    Conservation and Utilisation of Tourism Resources

    This involves research that aims to track regional resources and formulate or initiate measures towards the conservation and utilisation of such resources.

  • 観光組織・人材

    Tourism Organisation/Personnel

    This involves researching and providing supportive measures for nurturing the necessary personnel, systems and organisations to support the sustainable development of destination.

  • 観光指標

    Sustainable Tourism

    This includes research that aims to formulate a scientific approach using a sustainability indicators to objectively evaluate tourism policy and the status of destination.

  • インバウンド

    Inbound Tourism

    This is research that seeks out a future direction for inbound policies of both the national and regional government through a survey which includes views on both the origins and destinations of tourists.

  • 観光復興

    Tourism Revitalisation

    Research that aims to explore ways to secure protection and disseminate information for tourists at the time of disasters; to contain damage caused by public opinion and to examine the role of tourism in regional revitalisation.

  • その他


    We also conducts research on various other topics.