Our team of 29 researchers engage in daily research activities to present original ideas for both academic and practical use while seeking to satisfy ‘public service value’, ‘academic value’ and ‘practical value’.


  • 寺崎竜雄
    Tatsuo TERASAKITourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusManagement of natural destination/Sustainable Tourism/Eco tourism/Evaluation of tourism resources/Traveller trends
  • 塩谷英生
    Hideo SHIOYA Ph.D.Tourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTourism Statistics/Economic Effect/Inbound/Tourism financing/History of travel market

Chief Researcher

  • 山田雄一
    Yuichi YAMADA Ph.D.Tourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusDestination branding
  • 吉澤清良
    Kiyoyoshi YOSHIZAWAIntelligence and Communication Center for Tourism Culture
    Main FocusRegional revitalisation through tourism and cultural exchanges/Hot spring area revitalisation/Barrier-free in destination/Planning and operation of human resource (HR) development training

Senior Visiting Fellow

  • 梅川智也
    Tomoya UMEKAWA
    Main FocusDestination management and plan execution for cities and regions whose livelihood heavily relies on tourist resorts, a tourism plan, a tourism vision, Destination management, Tourism policy, tourist town planning and revitalisation of hot spring area.

Senior Researcher

  • 相澤美穂子
    Mihoko AIZAWATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTravel market analysis/Tourism information
  • 岩崎比奈子
    Hinako IWASAKITourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusHR development for tourist regions/Tourism industry/Tourism strategies and plans
  • 大隅一志
    Kazushi OOSUMIIntelligence and Communication Center for Tourism Culture/Library of Tourism Culture
    Main FocusTourism recreation plan (destination planning)/Landing-type tourism (Ecotourism and Green Tourism)/Environment and landscape
  • 柿島あかね
    Akane KAKISHIMATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusStrategy and Planning for Destination
  • Akiko KAWAGUCHITourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTourism Statistics (focused on inbound and local tours)/Economic effect of tourism
  • 菅野正洋
    Masahiro KannoGeneral Affairs Dept.
    Main FocusTourist town planning based on Ecotourism/HR management for Destination/Tourism industry/Tourism industry study
  • Reiko GOKITATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusVisitor awareness at natural tourist spots/Tourism statistics analysis and visitor satisfaction survey/Tourist town planning utilising local resources
  • 後藤健太郎
    Kentaro GOTOTourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusHistory of tourism/ Tourism planning/ Tourism Policy/
  • 外山昌樹
    Masaki TOYAMATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTraveller activity/Destination marketing/Tourist psychology
  • 中島泰
    Yutaka NAKAJIMATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusIntroduction of sustainability indicators in tourism/Support for tourism plan and strategy
  • 中野文彦
    Fumihiko NAKANOTourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusUtilisation of regional resources/ Destination management/Evaluation of tourism resources
  • 福永香織
    Kaori FUKUNAGATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusJapanese folklore/Museum Studies/Tourism planning/Rural planning /Sign planning
  • 牧野博明
    Hiroaki MAKINOJTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co. (on loan)
    Main FocusHeritage tourism/Industrial tourism/Tourism transportation/Inbound tourist survey and economic ripple effect
  • 守屋邦彦
    Kunihiko MORIYATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTourism strategy and plan/ Destination management/MICE/Travel industry
  • 吉谷地裕
    Yutaka YOSHIYACHITourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTourism promotion organisation and system / Utilisation of regional resources


  • 池知貴大
    Takahiro IKEJITourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusDestination marketing
  • 伊豆菜津美
    Natsumi IZUTourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusEnvironmental Economics
  • 磯貝友希
    Yuki IsogaiTourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTourist town planning that utilises regional history/culture
  • 門脇茉海
    Mami KADOWAKIIntelligence and Communication Center for Tourism Culture
    Main FocusTourist town planning that utilises regional history/culture
  • 川村竜之介
    Ryunosuke KAWAMURATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusTourism Statistics / Traffic Psychology
  • 工藤亜稀
    Aki KudoTourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusAgricultural Economics / Econometrics
  • 小坂典子
    Noriko KOSAKATourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusEco tourism
  • 武智玖海人
    Kumito TAKECHITourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusInbound tourism
  • 那須將
    Ataru NASUTourism Research Dept.
    Main FocusLandscape Architecture/Scenery planning/Environmental Agriculture (including Landscape Science)